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Janine Quaid

Janine Quaid is the Director of Artisan Consulting, a multifaceted training company focused on elevating professional essential skills and individual development.  Janine is also currently the Director of Renard Group Limited & Indelible Inc, Executive Officer for the NZChefs Association and a member of Service IQ’s Industry Advisory Group.
Janine’s belief behind training is that it should encompass educational flexibility. Change happens fast and new processes and practices happen all the time in this fast paced, dynamic adult education industry, we should continually embrace change and allow its latest phase to become our new normal. It is about gaining fresh perspective, seeing things from a different angle or from a different standpoint.
Whilst the training offerings of Artisan and Renard group are business focused, Janine continues to be directly involved in the Hospitality and Service sector.
This year marks 21 years judging competitions at a variety of levels including Chief Judge for Nestle Toque d’Or Restaurant Service Competition, previously Chief Judge for the NZ Chefs National Hospitality Competitions Restaurant Service, HNZ Awards for Excellence judge and most recently being an Air New Zealand Cook Islands Business Excellence Awards judge

Contact Janine:  janine@artisan.net.nz  

At Artisan, our training is designed to cover a broad range of topics applicable to the marketplace.
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