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How can a manager improve morale without giving bonuses?
Published in Conflict Resolution · 11 November 2019
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'Team work makes the dream work' may be a cliche phrase, but it certainly holds a   lot of truth. As a manager, you have the power to ensure your team are feeling positive and productive. Happy employees won't just feel better in   themselves, they can also help you and your company. A study from Warwick University found that happier workers led to a 12 per cent increase n productivity!

How can you ensure morale is boosted, without having to fork out on financial incentives?

1. Organise events
Team building events often give connotations of employees being encouraged to   partake in a range of cringe activities - trust falls included. These cliche affairs often produce more eye-rolls than beneficial takeaways, with many participants not feeling an increased sense of connection to their team or workplace afterwards.
An effective team event delivers a sense of accomplishment after smashing a challenging task in a group situation. One that fits this mould and one that is becoming increasingly popular is escape rooms. Here, a group of people are locked in a room and must work together to solve a range of clues and puzzles in order to get out and crack the code. It's the perfect blend of teamwork, fun and problem-solving, giving employees the motivation to work together - something that will carry forward to the office.

A study from Warwick University found that happier workers led to a 12 per cent increase in productivity!

2. Recognise the good
It's simple; tell your employees that they are doing a good job. Everyone wants to receive praise when they've done something well, yet more often than not, they don't hear it as much as they should. A Harvard Business Review survey found that 37 per cent of participants admitted to not giving positive reinforcement.
If employees don't receive praise for hitting tricky deadlines, pleasing a tough client or just continually doing a stellar job, they will certainly start to feel under-appreciated and   that their hard work isn't worth the bother - resulting in lowered productivity.
There's no need to offer big gestures of thanks in the form of gigantic teddy bears or an all-expenses-paid lunch. More often than not, regular written or oral recognition is just as appreciated. The impact of praise has been studied for a long time, with researchers from Gallup concluding that employees who received regular recognition were more engaged, productive and more likely to stay with their organisation.
Improve morale can be as simple as offering regular, oral recognition.

3. Training and development
Investing in training and development for current employees is not only an effective way to   produce a more highly-skilled workforce, but to increase productivity and morale too.
Going out of your way to outsource training shows that you're committed to developing your employee's skills and you're willing to invest resources   into building their future within the company. It's also a lot more cost and time-effective to train current employees rather than start from scratch with new faces.
After taking the time to work out where certain skill gaps lie, get in touch with the team at Artisan Consulting. Our expert and friendly facilitators specialise in creating personalised and engaging training programmes to help you and your team become more knowledgeable in certain areas of business, retail, sales or hospitality.
Outsourcing training shows you're committed to developing their skills and willing to invest resources into building their future within the company.

Whether you want to focus on generating sales or developing leadership qualities in employees, we can help. After receiving information on your desired outcomes, learning the ins and outs of your company and generating our own innovative ideas, we collate our findings into a fun and informative workshop.
With the help of Artisan, you'll provide employees with professional and effective training that is sure to improve development opportunities - a real morale booster. You may even see an increase in productivity, worker retention rates, customer satisfaction and a happier workforce.
So, what are you waiting for? Let us help you pick up productivity and develop a passionate workforce.

Call us today on 0800 404 142 to see what we can do for you.


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