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Student becomes the teacher: Learning to be a good trainer
Published by Artisan in Train the Trainer · 1 September 2019
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Ever heard the phrase "Those who can't do, teach?" Yeah, we disagree, too. Some of the world's best teachers are also the world's best do-ers - look at professional sports coaches who used to be players, or university professors with extensive hands-on experience in the field they're teaching.

This concept extends to business as well; upper-level management teams are able to pass down valuable insights and skills from their days in the workforce to employees on the ground. And those that aren't teaching or training should be able to. How? Through training sessions of their own.

An excellent philosophy and an ethos we share.
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Trainer-ception: Can you train a trainer?

Yes! This is an often overlooked component of running a business. Unless your company plans on bringing in an external training organisation every time you hire a new employee, someone at your company needs to be equipped to run training sessions.
In some cases, current employees have the know-how to train new workers in the details of the day-to-day, but it's quite helpful for them to receive proper training to keep things organised. There are a number of things employees can learn through 'training-the-trainer' sessions, such as:
  1. How to best plan and execute your own training session.
  2. How to identify the proper learning style for each trainee.
  3. How to offer constructive feedback and following up.
  4. How to facilitate fun and interactive learning activities.
  5. How to pose questions in an engaging way.

Even if you aren't hiring new employees, trainers can use the skills they learn in these sessions to either assess the abilities and performance of current employees or teach them new skills.

In order to teach a group of employees, the trainer must also be trained.

What can Artisan do to help?
In order to ensure that training sessions are properly run and new employees receive the best possible induction process, companies ought to consider investing in train-the-trainer courses. At Artisan, we offer businesses across a variety of industries the opportunity to get their trainers trained.

In the same way that your employees have hands-on experience in the field they're training, our team are all industry professionals from a number of backgrounds. They're eager to provide business and hospitality professionals across NZ with the training necessary to teach others.

For more information about how Artisan can help with this, or to hear about our other staff training programs, please get in touch with us today!


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