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Seminars - Half-day Course Outlines
Sales Skills
Designed especially for people who work both in and around sales environments and includes strategies to motivate and up sell, and specifically, how to maximise your ability to generate revenue in front line situations. This programme adopts the principle that a ‘blanket approach’ to service and sales will not be as effective as a flexible approach, that focuses on your individual customers  -  their differing needs, wants, motivation to buy, and preferred style of communication.

Talent Acquisition
When more than just living and breathing is necessary. Understand how to implement a larger strategy to increase growth and capability and attract the right person.

Conflict Resolution  
Dealing with conflict is not always easy - this programme provides strategies to manage & resolve conflict between individuals, groups and management teams.
Diversity in the Workplace
Understand how to embrace diversity and create an inclusive workplace culture. Identify the different qualities diversity can bring to a business such as productivity and decision making,

The Art of Delegation
Delegation can sometimes be a major challenge for new supervisors to learn because they are concerned about giving up control or struggling to have confidence in the abilities of others. Understand how to delegate effectively and inclusively and develop delegation leadership skills.

Manging a Remote Team for Success
Distributed teams are the new normal. Work through the steps to ensure success with your team and incorporating the three main ingredients: team, tools and process.
Making Decisions & Problem Solving
We all use decision making and problem solving every day. Learn techniques to ensure correct and accurate decisions and problem solving methods are being used by your team.
Team Building Techniques
Take steps to build a strong team from the selection process through to activities, communication, team development, goal setting and celebrating success.
Social Media Workshop
Designed for service sector businesses, learn how to build and run your own social media marketing programme in.
Personality Profiling and Engagement

Personality profiling is taking a scientific approach to understanding personal characteristics of yourself, and the people you interact with. Learn how to effectively engage with other personality types.

Personal Grooming & Deportment (Not available online)
Your staff are your brand, they represent all that your company stands for. They are the face of your company to your clients and customers. The way your team represent your business via their personal presentation can have a positive impact – if they have the right skills to present themselves well. This workshop is aimed specifically at developing confidence and self-esteem as well as instilling a sense of pride in wearing the company uniform and being a brand ambassador.

Leadership Effectiveness
This workshop is for managers who can run a business, but struggle with incentivising staff to develop a great working culture and increased productivity for your business.

Understanding your Workforce
For business owners and managers. Struggling to communicate, understand or motivate your current workforce? We take a look at the current motivators’ todays workforce are looking for. Their communication techniques and working styles. Learn to engage with and motivate using tools that resonate with your staff.

Negotiation Strategies
No matter who you are or what kind of job you have, you will probably need to negotiate at some stage in your life. Maybe with your boss for a rise or with your team to get a project done. If you can’t negotiate well, you will be at a disadvantage. Get armed with the right information before heading into negotiation.

Critical Thinking
Need to make better decisions and generally understand things better? Critical thinking looks at analysing information objectively, thinking clearly and rationally and understanding the logical connection between thoughts and ideas.  

At Artisan, our training is designed to cover a broad range of topics applicable to the marketplace.
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