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Artisan offer a range of training options to suit all requirements. From our Online training platform Learning Lab NZ with a range of essential soft skills course designed for self-study, Zoom facilitated classroom style workshops, to a suite of over 30 courses developed for face to face workshops. Any workshop can be customised to reflect both the content and style of your workplace. Artisan offer a range of training options to suit all scenarios.  From our Online training platform with a range of courses designed for self-study, Zoom facilitated classroom style workshop, to a range of face to face facilitated workshops. Any facilitated workshop can be customised to reflect both the content and style of.

What makes us different to everyone else? Simply put, we are just like you. We are not your run-of-the-mill, suit and tie lecturer, neither are we edgy or eccentric! We are energetic and honest, and we do our jobs so you can reap the rewards of yours.

We call ourselves Artisan because that’s exactly what we set out to be. Professional, bespoke and industry relevant. The key difference of our courses is in our facilitation. We understand that you don’t want to sit listening to boring lectures, so our custom-built programmes are delivered in a high impact, lean, demonstrable and personable way with a little bit of fun, so you absorb and remember what is being said.

Although fun is on our agenda, what we do and how we deliver is no joke. With your information and objectives at the forefront of our workshops, we work hard to create a memorable and relevant programme, brimming with useful takeaways.
Training Resource Development
Training Resources Development and Writing

What makes learning fun and exciting? Quality materials that are fun to use, easy to read, include the right information and are treasured by learners as a tool for ongoing reference.
Whether you are looking for resources for your organisation, product manuals or external manuals for your customers, our resource development team have the ability to meet the needs of your targeted market.
We have a team of experience Instructional and Graphic designers that can work with your team to ensure a resource that fits your organisation and delivers key learning information in an engaging and learner focused way.
Video resources. A new way forward is creating one, two or a whole library of training videos for the team to reference at any stage.
Facilitating a group of people to achieve an outcome can be challenging and stressful – particularly if you would prefer not to be the one playing ring master, or mediator if things get rough.
When the numbers are large, or the topic is controversial, everyone wants to voice their opinions and feel involved. Having an external facilitator can help you generate a sense of occasion to motivate your team and provide a neutral perspective that will ultimately free you up to either step in, step back, and in some instances, step away to help your team achieve that important outcome in the best possible way.
The role of facilitator dictates that key objectives are delivered, or an end result is reached.
From a small meeting to a large conference, Artisan have experienced facilitators that can ensure your team come together to achieve an outcome and provide an effective result, all  done while keeping the meeting on track and ensuring the time is not wasted.  

At Artisan, our training is designed to cover a broad range of topics applicable to the marketplace.
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